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Great Tutorial Links


Links to my Favourite Indesign Tutorials to help increase your layout skills

This tutorial will teach you how to integrate the skills you've learnt in Illustrator with InDesign, creating a fantastic book cover design. also provide you with all the materials you need for free. Once again this tutorial will be using the Pen Tool, so make sure you brush up on your skills first!

Tutsplus have produced this fantastic tutorial to teach you how to create a magazine cover. This is fantastic if you want to start your own company monthly or yearly - you can learn some great layout tips and produce high quality, professional looking magazines with little effort. This tutorial also includes a bit of Photoshop.

Another great tutorial from Tutsplus, this one will teach you to design a fabulous Art Deco style menu for your little cafe, bistro pub or top end restaurant. Don't like Art Deco? That's ok - these skills can be applied to any style you like, meaning that your menu can truly reflect you.

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