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From Beginner to Expert

Illustrator Tutorials

Setting Up the Work Space

The Very Beginning

Beginning with a new document, I will show you how to set up your work space to be just the way you like it. Including descriptions and explanations of toolbars and options.

Illustrator Tutorials

Basic Shapes

Learning to Draw

From creating basic shapes to learning to edit what you have created and exploring the tool bar, these are the building blocks to creating fantastic imagery.

Illustrator Tutorials

Using the Pencil Tool

Going Freehand

Simple lines and shapes build on your knowledge in the next installment of this tutorial. We will also be looking at smoothing your drawings and editing shapes you've already drawn.

Illustrator Tutorials

Using the Pen Tool

For more accurate illustrations

The pen tool is what I believe to be the most useful tool on Illustrator's toolbar. It can be used to create the foundations almost anything your imagination can dream up.

Illustrator Tutorials

Tracing and Vectors

What are Vectors?

The Pen Tool is fantastic for tracing the outline of shapes such as images, logos and products

Illustrator Tutorials

Using Brushes

Adding Personality

Brushes can add some great effects to your designs with very little effort. After you have created one brush, you can save it and use it over and over again in a variety of projects.

Illustrator Tutorials

Compound Paths and Shapes

Using simple to create complex

Compound items are made of two or more shapes. You can create complicated designs using these fantastic tools with a single click - give it a try and see what you can do!

Illustrator Tutorials

Image Trace

Speeding up the Pen Tool

Image Trace is a great little tool that speeds up creating outlines. It can also create some great effects with many different settings.

Illustrator Tutorials

Image Layers and Grouping

Organising your artwork

Layers and Groups enable you to organise your work effectively, and also help you to add effects across a number of objects rather than one at a time.

Illustrator Tutorials

Transparency and Blending

Creating movement and excitement in your designs

In this chapter we are looking at methods of changing one thing into another using transparency for colours and blending for shapes and shading.

Illustrator Tutorials

Moving and Transforming Objects

Learning how to create accurate images

We looked at how to move objects earlier - but what if you want to make sure that two shapes are exactly aligned with each other? Learn more in this chapter!

Illustrator Tutorials


Editing and playing with text

Text makes a huge difference to graphic design so in this chapter we are going to look at how to edit and change it to suit your needs, changing a bland brand look into something exciting.

Illustrator Tutorials

The Symbol Tools

Complex Patterned Images

Using the symbol tools can help you to create complex patterns and images quickly and easily if you know how. Chapter 14 is an introduction into this range of tools.

There will be more chapters coming soon!

In order to keep these lessons free please please find a spare Quid/Dollar/Euro/Yen to send my way, and I'll keep 'em coming! :)



Illustrator Tutorials

Gradient Mesh

Creating Photorealistic Images

Moving on to something more complicated in this chapter, we will be learning to create some amazing 3D Photorealistic images


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