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Links to Great Tutorials


Here are some links to some great tutorials I've found and wanted to share.

May 15, 2017

This Tutorial from Abduzeedo integrates both Illustrator and Photoshop, going over a few points that we have already covered with blending, splines and paths. It shows how you can improve on your designs by incorporating Photoshop and giving that little bit extra that makes all the difference. It's also worth checking out the other Tutorials by Abduzeedo, as there is a lot of awesome stuff on their site!

This fantastic tutorial from Digital Arts was written byNew York-based illustrator Kervin Brisseaux, and shares some of his techniques to create an amazing final image. It uses the Pen Tool, as we did in Chapter 4, and integrates Illustrator with Photoshop.

This tutorial from envatotuts+ can make you feel god-like after teaching you how to change the weather. Add drama to your photos and create an amazing effect.

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