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Here It Is!!!

So, after a year of writing a little Illustrator manual to help my colleagues out I finally decided to publish. I hadn't really thought about how hard it is to set up a website though... Still, I really hope you guys like it. It's taken a lot of hard work!

There are still a few issues to iron out, and any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

I've only got three lessons on here initially, but I have a whole host of them waiting to be added, so if you've come here expecting something a little harder, have no fear! Just subscribe and I'll be adding things as I go and will keep you updated!

As I have mentioned a few times, although the majority of this website is free, I will be adding a few bits that will be available for a tiny fee, and any donations will be greatly appreciated! I have a life to pay for, y'know?

On the plus side, one of those features will be a PDF of all the tutorials in one handy document, along with all the files you need to complete the whole series!

Anyhoo, I hope you guys are all well, and I will keep you updated!

Thanks Guys!


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