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To PDF or not to PDF?

So, as you guys already know, I have available the completed tutorial in PDF format. I am creating this website from that already available resource, chopping, changing and adding to it as I go. The current pressing question I have on my mind is, "Shall I make this available for people who don't want to wait around for me to upload the rest of the chapters?".

If I do try to make this available, the app will cost me $9.99 (US) per month after a 14 day trial. So if I don't get enough people buying the PDF file then it won't be sustainable. Should I wait until I have more traffic - IF I have more traffic - before I start making it available for download? And if I do make it available for download, how much should I charge? What seems like a reasonable price for a guide to using illustrator, along with tutorial files and all the bits and bobs required to complete the tutorials? £9.99? £2.50? £20? I don't know!

I think I'll wait a while before I make it available. I would need one sale per month to cover the cost of the selling app if I priced the PDF etc at £9.99, and I don't think I have enough traffic yet to make this a good idea. Especially when you add the cost of the website and domain to it. We'll go through this cautiously, and see how it goes before diving in head first!

In the mean time, I am also grappling with Google Adsense, who are claiming I don't have enough words on my website... many words do they expect? Is this like a dissertation? 10,000 word count expected +/- 2%? WHY DID NO ONE WARN ME?!?

They don't make it very clear. On the plus side, I am learning how to use Google Analytics, but Google Search Console is a world unto itself. I am pretty sure my website is not appearing in searches as it should. I know it because I've tried searching for it and it's not showing up. I've edited all the pages SEO settings and now, if I search FOR the ACTUAL SITE, it appears, but if I search for "illustrator tutorial" in google... nothing. Ah, I'm sure I'll get the hang of all this eventually, but it is going to take a lot of effort and cursing.

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