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Rewriting a Chapter

So the new chapter is finally here!! It's taken a while, as I have had to replace both my laptop keyboard and battery. It was extremely annoying writing things, only to find half the letters missing, and then once I'd re-written them accidentally knocking the power cable out and having the laptop switch off!

In this chapter we are looking at the Pen Tool again, and Vector Graphics. I've looked into why vectors are better for logo design and I've also looked at rasterised image file types.

I had to re-write a lot of this chapter as the original version was aimed specifically at people who were using Illustrator in conjunction with Solidworks, making the content irrelevant for most people. As it still held a lot of useful information I thought it was worth the effort of a re-write, but then realised that as my previous version was not in the public domain it had a lot of copyright... issues, shall we say? So all the images used had to be remade using a new base image.

Still, I think it was worth all the effort in the end!

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