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Learning as I go...Slowly

Not A Logo...

So yesterday I completed Chapter 4, Using the Pen Tool... It took me almost all day yesterday! Considering currently I am taking chapters out of a document that I have already written, I am so surprised about how long it takes! On the plus side, I'm really pleased with how the website is looking. I really really hope that it looks awesome when it is all finished!

I have over 20 chapters pre-written and ready to upload, but there are some bits and bobs I need to change for you guys!

The original document was written for people who would be using Illustrator in conjunction with Solidworks - a 3D CAD piece of software used by designers and engineers the world over. However, I want this to be relevant to everyone, not just my colleagues and I, so I'm having to change bits and bobs.

Chapter 5 will also take a bit longer to upload because using a logo from one of my old clients on the internet without permission is a bad thing boys and girls, and I dont want to get sued! So I am going to have to be creative and find something to replace it... However, that means you guys are going to get something completely tailored to you! I am hoping to replace it with something that will help more towards the photography/image editing side of things, but still teach the same skills as in the original version. :)

So don't go away - I'll be back soon and it will be MARVELLOUS!!!

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